Community Solutions

Our mini-grid solutions target to serve as large and diverse a population base as possible. The selected community will have a simple layout with the majority of the public infrastructure and households located off one main road with branches,
The system is intended to target the critical health facilities in the community, with excess power being sold to the community to generate revenue for system maintenance and expansion.
Anchor customers such as the community bank, small businesses, and telecommunications tower operators etc. will be targeted as they provide the vast majority of initial community demand and could represent the most reliable paying customers.

Case Study

FLS Group signed a contract with ECREEE on 19th November 2019 for the implementation of 56kW mini-grid in Giehun, Kailahun District with a 15kVA diesel backup generator and 275kWh of battery. Ngiehun Town is 7 miles to Kailahun Township in Luawa chiefdom with a catchment population of 9,750 inhabitants (Census 2015) in the Kailahun district.The project would establish a standard hybrid mini-grid system design and management based on an anchor, business and community model. The system is a grid network which will reach a large percentage of the community and key businesses. There will be adequate capacity to provide power for households for improved lighting, mobile phone charging usage of electrical items. (e.g. radios televisions and fridges). Households will be metered to regulate electricity use as well as provide commensurate revenue.

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