Business Solutions

FLS power business solutions and services are customer needs driven, mostly hybrid PV Diesel Systems on or off the grid to ensure reduced power generation and energy storage costs for improved fuel economy and controlled CO2 emissions. Major business and industries in the Sub-region mostly operate in less unpredictable grid areas inadequate to guarantee reliable, efficient and affordable power solutions. This imposes significant extra cost on business dues to the high rising cost of running diesel generators. Hence business expenditure rises. We provide complete power to the customer as requested and as we see fit after the initial analysis to provide our customers with

We focus on the following Sectors:


provide mining site with renewable power solutions using combined Wind and Solar solutions. We hope to make the most use of SMA Island Fuel save controller solutions to help the mining sector to have constant and reliable electricity at reasonable costs


Agriculture Sector Solutions such as irrigation solution for farming and powering of agribusiness center machinery for value chain products processing.


Powering of remote telecommunications sites for self-power generation and consumption with solar pv + diesel+ dc battery bank makes your site 100% uptime possible with efficient energy management.


Proving reliable power backup solutions for 24/7 banking applications operation. Provide solar power for daily consumption and integrate with generator using a fuel save controller.


Electrify know tourist locations such as Tiwai Island and Banana Island. we work in partnership with tourism industry stakeholders and private operators for development of eco-friendly solar powered resorts.


Aim to support quality education by providing power to rural learning centers to facilitate self-studies and facilitate wash facilities for sanitation in schools with solar bore holes and storage water tanks.

Water and Sanitation

promotion of lighting for health facilities and power bole holes for supply water to health facilities using the Grundfos.

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